Custom Designs

Our sofas are individually hand crafted; therefore we can build your sofa to your unique requirements. Be it small changes to the length, depth or height to suit your specific taste, our team will guide you through the complete process of creating your own dream sofa.

We pride ourselves in making each a unique piece, each with its own characteristics. Leather, being a natural product, ensures no two sofas will ever be the same. Customizing adds your personal touch to the sofa.
Whether from a design point of view, or for functionality and comfort, we will help you make the correct choice to make your investment truly your own.
The perfect sofa is a balance between comfort and aesthetics.

Basic adjustments to your sofa include:

  1. Seating depth: This will affect how the sofa sits. Taller people tend to like deeper sofas and vice versa.
  2. Arm width: Purely aesthetical, arm size can greatly influence the style of a sofa from dainty to more imposing.
  3. Filling can be adjusted to suit your requirements.
  4. Back cushion height: This can be more comfortable by offering more support, but can also affect the proportions of the sofa.
  5. Amount of seating cushions: Although not always possible, sometimes more cushions can be added if space allows it. A good example is a 2.3 Manhattan sofa which can accommodate two or three seats.

Whatever your requirements, we will be more than happy to assist you wherever we can.